Exponential Achievement
A6 Framework Graduates

External Resources Impacting Students

Exponential Achievement is Contagious

When you’re running on all 6 cylinders, employees and external resources are optimally utilized and feel good about the impact they’re making, and students excel. That’s exponential achievement.

Check out what satisfied A6 users have to say:

The brilliance of the A6 Framework is that it’s systematic, organized, and focused. It’s an essential framework that easily allows the services of various community-based organizations to not only be in the best place, but in the right place within the structure of established educational settings. By doing so, the mutual benefit of such services
is fully optimized.

Beverly Vos  |  College Access Coordinator
Regional Economic Development Initiative
Southwest Tennessee Development District

The A6 Framework was key in our strategic plan for a college access program, and it’s also been a great tool for communicating with our community about where students need additional support. Now that we’re up and running, we’ll be using A6 to continuously monitor the success of our program.

Carol Parkins  |  College Access Counselor
Milan Special School District
Milan, Tennessee

At the Tennessee College Access and Success Network, we are using the A6 Framework across the state of Tennessee to carry on the conversation and provide a common language for creating a college-going culture that reflects the diversity of
our community.

Bob Obrohta  |  Executive Director
Tennessee College Access and Success Network

The A6 Framework is totally in sync with the principles and mission of everyone who supports helping students access college at any level. Any schools district, non-profit organization or state entity committed to building, strengthening, and empowering a college-going culture, especially those underrepresented in postsecondary education, can achieve their objectives through the A6 Framework. In a nation where we spend more money on incarceration than on education, this should be a no brainer for boards of education, and district leaders! This is an investment in the future of our local communities and our nation…this is an investment in our youth.

Cedric R. Deadmon  |  B.A., M.Ed.
REDI College Access Program Coordinator
Southwest Tennessee Development District

The A6 Framework structured our District’s college and career readiness efforts in grades 6 through 12. The model helped us assess current strategies and programs, identify gaps, and organize new efforts within the six components. Without the A6 Framework, it would have been extremely difficult to create a successful initiative!

Dr. Marie Keith
Former Director, College & Career Readiness
Cypress Fairbanks ISD
Houston, Texas

I have worked in and around college access and success issues in communities and with youth for ten years, and the A6 Framework finally gave us a tool that people ‘get’. Schools get it. Nonprofits get it. Businesses get it, and so forth. Because of this, our strategies are clearer, our partnerships are stronger,
and our communications are more
focused and consistent.

Anderson Williams
Partner Cascade Educational Consultants