Exponential Achievement
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A6 Academy

Exponential Achievement Requires a Plan

With our A6 Academy, we focus on measurable results. Together, we’ll figure out which resources you should apply to which students at what time in order to maximize student success.

The A6 Academy consists of the following sessions which build upon each other over a typical thirteen month period. Sessions may be combined depending upon the client’s resource availability, and schools and districts may opt to attend some sessions under one host school or district to take advantage of efficiencies.

  • SESSION 1: The Leadership Summit
  • The leadership summit is an on-site meeting with the school leadership to review the A6 Framework process. This summit includes the district superintendent [or his/her delegate], the school principal, assistant principals, director of instruction [or equivalent], director of counseling, and other leadership personnel as determined by the principal. Others who could attend are community leaders such as the mayor, president of the chamber of commerce, and directors of philanthropic foundations. This summit would last about an hour and be guided by some preliminary demographic data related to the state and the community. The purpose of the summit is to make sure the leadership is fully committed to a college going culture in the schools.

  • SESSION 2: The A6 Framework Introductory Session
  • The introductory session describes the rationale behind the A6 Framework and sets the stage for the dashboard development as well as the Gap Analysis workshop. The session will be lead by Dr. Schmit or a certified trainer. This session will last for an hour and should occur at the school where the framework will be implemented. During the same visit, Dr. Schmit or a certified trainer will meet with the district evaluation person to set the stage for the dashboard collaboration.

  • SESSION 3: The IR Dashboard Collaboration
  • The dashboard will be developed through email exchanges, conference calls and file exchanges. This process will take 6-8 weeks and final graphs will be approved by the school principal before sharing in Session 4. The purpose of the dashboard collaboration is to produce graphs that will guide the Gap Analysis workshop towards targeted programs and services for students.

  • SESSION 4: The A6 Gap Analysis Workshop
  • The Gap Analysis workshop is a two-hour session which includes school personnel [including counseling and college access staff], community-based organizations, college and university staff, businesses, professional associations and others who provide, or are interested in providing programs and services to impact college access in the schools. The interactive session will show the gaps in services and help guide organizations in filling these gaps. At the conclusion of this session, a college access service provider will be selected who will be part of the evaluation study.

  • SESSION 5: The CASPER Report
  • The College Access Service Provider Evaluation Review [CASPER] report will be generated from an analysis of the organization selected at the end of session 4. The A6 Framework team will help this organization review their programs that work with a targeted population in the schools. The evaluation results will be reviewed with the college access service provider and the school. Data from the school will help determine program impact that is linked to the dashboard report.

  • SESSION 6: The Partnership Summit
  • The partnership summit is a gathering of all the partners who are working within the schools to make an impact on the college going culture. The purpose of this session is to have other partners see an evaluation review and how this report could be replicated with their organization. The intent is to have several organizations present their CASPER report in subsequent meetings. The Schmit Consulting Group could be contracted by these organizations to provide additional guidance after the year-long A6 academy is complete.